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A balcony is an architecture in a house or building that is a horizontal space that is protruding and connected to a wall in front of a door and often has a safety railing attached. Balconies are built on the second floor or higher or apartment buildings. It is a protruding part of the attic, with a railing and a door to the room.

The general appearance of the house is the deciding factor in the appearance of the balcony. With houses designed in the old European style, the balcony is often decorated with decorative patterns with sophisticated mouldings. The railing can be made of bent steel and uses iron flowers with meticulous details as decorative motifs.

With modern architectural style houses or apartments, balconies are simply designed with appropriate color schemes to create highlights for the exterior of the building. The form of railing can be built with bricks or bars made of steel or stainless steel. In addition, you can use new materials such as glass or wood, which are also a way of decoration to create a unique style for the house. Patterns for balconies are often designed by homeowners in sync with the patterns of windows and stairs.

The balcony is a place to welcome sunshine, wind and rain, so decorating the suitable balcony for the host is the solution that SPC Vietnam aims to.

SPC Vietnam brings Cladding Solutions which can beautify your balcony.



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