Fireproof doors/ Finishing Surface/ Design

SPC Vietnam works closely with customers in thousands of projects to manufacture door products which are suitable for most of the needs of consumers. With a huge number of surface materials includes 1300 different colors and finishing surfaces in Ecofilm collections covered on SPC, SPC Laminate, SPC High Gloss, SPC monochromatic color, SPC pattern color. We provide endless solutions for the modern door designs based on the market’s trend.

With the most advanced industrial woodworking machinery line, we bring the best solutions to bring design ideas on CAD software into reality. The strength of SPC Vietnam is the production of typical wooden doors according to the needs of customers who are architects, interior designers, builders, investors, general contractors and homeowners and real estate investment.

Overexploitation of natural timber is increasingly destroying the environment and causing serious global climate change. Therefore, the trend of using eco-friendly products is becoming more and more widespread and noticed by investors, design consultants and main contractors. SPC Vietnam is a pioneer in the application of science and technology, advanced and outstanding solutions to create industrial wooden door products not only with high quality, beautiful designs, and reasonable prices, but also contributes to protecting forest resources and the environment.

SPC itself is a combination of 70% stone powder and 30% PVC, natural glue and additives for human health safety, so it does not catch fire. The coefficient of thermal conductivity is low, the summer can be heat-insulating, the winter can keep warm. (Learn more:

• Outstanding advantages:
– Durability and high quality.
– Environmental friendliness
– Warping limitation.
– Meeting the requirements of sound insulation, noise resistance, and fireproof.
– Light, easy to transport and install.
– Cost optimization.
– Color variety with more than 1300 material colors and surfaces available.
– Mass production by lines of machines and modern technology.

Fireproof doors/ Finishing Surface/ Design

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