Moisture resistance doors/ Door Finishing/ Design

One of the first impressions when entering an apartment is the door system, whether it is an apartment, townhouse or office. Catching up with the trend of using industrial wooden doors, SPC Vietnam has developed a product line of doors with modern designs and a variety of colors.

Applying this advantage to the door application, SPC Vietnam maximizes the characteristics of SPC in the application of restroom doors, kitchen – the areas frequently exposed to water and high humidity.

• Outstanding advantages:

– Durability and high quality.

– Friendly with environment, Formaldehyde free.

– Warping limitation.

– Meeting the requirements of sound insulation, noise resistance, and fireproof.

– Light, easy to transport and install.

– Cost optimization.

– Color variety with more than 1500 material colors and surfaces available.

– Mass production by lines of machines and modern technology.


Moisture Resistance Door/ Door Finishing/ Door Design

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