OSB Board

OSB (Oriented Strand Board, or oriented board) is one of the many industrial board with many applications in the world. However, this item is not widely known in Vietnam market.

With structure of wood chips, but the size of wood chips is much larger than other boards, OSB has the following advantages:

– Good connection strength,

– Good bolt and high elasticity,

– Absolutely durable in wet and watery environments,

– Suitable for both interior and exterior,

– Fast and simple construction and installation, which helps to save costs for production units.

OSB is an excellent choice for products that tend to be coarse, close to nature thanks to its beautiful natural surface, which can be used for interior, exterior, wall partitions, ceilings, flooring, shelves, frames for other furniture (sofa …) and many other applications.

An Cuong has already have OSB3 imported 100% from Europe, according to European standard E0 (low formal dehyde concentration, environmentally friendly, safe for users), size of 1220mm x 2440mm x 12/18/25mm. 


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