Why is SPC used widely in our daily life

1. An extensive catalog with more than 1000 different forms of the most modern and beautiful materials on the market, creating innovative solutions satisfying all interior architectures.
2. Products manufactured with the ratio: 70% of stone powder, 30% of PVC, glue and additives.
Perfectly waterproof, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, anti-termite.
Can be used in both humid and dry environments from -20 degree Celsius to 70 degree Celsius with no deformation, no splitting, no warping, no expansion, no mold and no corrosion.
3. With high sound insulation up to 70%, it can bring quietness for our home, save more space and costs compared to soundproof walls and ensure the beauty of the house.
4. Keep warm, insulated, don’t catch fire
The coefficient of thermal conductivity is low, so the summer can be insulated, the winter can keep warm.
Fireproof spread with the incombustible materials, does not form the flames
5. Environmentally friendly and healthy: SPC is an eco friendly decorative material.
Odorless, non-toxic to users.
Perfectly replacement for traditional wood and stone, minimizing the utility of natural wood, protecting the Earth’s lungs. 100% recyclable after use.
6. High durability
Product lifespan can be up to 30 years or more in an ideal environment. Materials are durable with time.
7. Natural wood grain:
Skilful woodgrain and stone surface. It is difficult to distinguish between natural wood grain and SPC one. However, the durability and sharpness of SPC are much better. The stain can be easily wiped off with clean water without using any detergents. It is an amazing solution for the interior.
8. Simple and fast installation:
Fast execution. Can be easily removed if not in use.
9. Common application:
Used widely in interior decoration, houses, hotels, commercial centers, villas, penthouses, resorts, restaurants,…
10. Bring luxury living space to users:
More cost saving with better quality than traditional wooden furniture.